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Save money by having us do your
prepurchase inspection
Light Sport Maintenance & Annuals
Instruction in Tailwheel & Floatplanes
Light Sport & Ultralight flight training
Test Flights
We are your Great lakes region QUICKSILVER dealer. Offering aircraft, training,
and maintenance.
Acording to Franks scarf lift-off speed is only a fantasy

Planes we own
My wife and I had fun at the Zenith Factory Open Hangar Days, helping out giving rides and answering questions from excited Zenith customers. You can't ask for better people than the folks at Zenith.
YAK 52
Whats funner than dreaming about jets, Flying ULTRALIGHTS
Heres a picture taken of the plane we built and the factories, posted at Zenith......enjoy.....
my wifes favorite 1940 meyers otw
We owned both these Quicksilvers and sold them to happy customers
We now build the Dragonfly.

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 YAK 18T (sold)
           1946 Champ  (sold)
        '64 Twin Camanche (sold)